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Stacie Baumeister, the owner of QuiltWorks Northwest and the new owner of BEADS & BEYOND, has been working double time to get the new store open!!  All of the staff of QuiltWorks Northwest have been also getting ready to meet and greet all of the beaders and the staff from BEADS & BEYOND misses all of you. 

The  Fall newsletter has been mailed (on September 16) and registration is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30th!!  Plus you can also find the entire newsletter on line.  Registration is scheduled to be held at the new location but the final permits have not been issued yet.  It may still be just tables in the classrooms "to be" but we are all working hard to keep things marching along.  Please be sure to check back here to reconfirm that registration will be held at the new location  Click on this link for the map!

Registration will be the same as you are all used to - but the next one will most likely be on-line the way that QuiltWorks Northwest does registration.  So when you register for the BEADS & BEYOND classes you will find a new line on the registration form for you to give us your email to subscribe to the QuiltWorks Northwest newsletter which is also done on-line.  The first class is scheduled for October 7!

Class Samples may also be found on-line.  Because the new store is not yet all set up for you to come see the samples the website is the best place to check.  Once the store is set up you wil be able to find samples in the store too.

Supply Lists can now also be found on-line!  Another easy change that many of you have been asking for so you can check the supplies easily!  You will find them on the BEADS & BEYOND website soon!

We all are looking forward to a great fall and to seeing you soon!

Green Line
Interchangeable Templates & Color Wheel System

By Beverly Gilbert


Our local Beverly Gilbert has
just introduced her new book!!

Eye for Color, Beverly Gilbert

EYE FOR COLOR: Interchangeable Templates & Color Wheel System  was created by Kirkland jewelry artist, author and instructor, Beverly Gilbert.  Beverly has designed a fun and convenient artist's and decorator's tool that includes 2 color wheels, each with 24 color families in saturated and pastel values, and 6 interchangeable templates with 9 refined color harmonies that snap-together to quickly visualize a wide range of color relationships.  Beverly just introduced her book at the Bead & Button show and we should have it in the store by June 15th!!  Full of colorful inspirations, you'll definitely want to check it out the next time you are in the store!!

Green Line
Terms, Tips &Techniques
By Theresa Flores Geary, PhD
This new book is chocked full of terms, types of beads and beading information.  We put it to the test by thinking of things to look up and the book had information about all of them except one!  We think you will like using it as a reference book.  $29.95 The Illustrated Bead Bible - Terms, Tips & Techniques
Green Line
Edited by Tim McCreight

For all of you interested in metalsmithing this book is a compilation of techniques and tips for and by metalsmiths.  $17.95

Metal Technic
Green Line
Master Classes in Jewelry Techniques
Edited by Marthe Le Van

Penland is a nationally renowned school of crafts located in North Carolina.  This book showcases ten contemporary jewelers who are leaders in their fields.  It is like getting ten different classes with great instructions!  We know you will enjoy this book as a reference and for learning new jewelry making tips.  $34.95

The Penland Book of Jewelry
Green Line
By Tim McCreightVan

What do you want to know?  It is most likely in this book!  Set up more like a text book than a fancy photo book this is “the” reference for metalsmiths.  As you venture more into the world of metals this is a “must have” book!  $30.00

Complete Metalsmith: Professional By Tim McCreightVan
green line
From Enameling and Engraving to Inlay and Granulation

B Jinks McGrath

What do you want to know?  It is most likely in this book!  Set up more like a text book than a fancy photo book this is “the” reference for metalsmiths.  As you venture more into the world of metals this is a “must have” book!  $30.00

THE JEWELERS DIRECTORY OF DECORATIVE FINISHE  from Enameling and Engraving to Inlay and Granulation by Jinks McGrath
green line
 a crafters guide to fashioning necklaces, earrings, bracelets & more

By Lisa Bluhm

Have you taken our Soldered Pendant class?  This book gives you information on how to cut your glass, use the copper foil tape, soldering iron and lead-free solder to not only make the soldered picture frames but also other pieces of jewelry!  It is full of indormation that will compliment the class is you have taken it, and give you an alternative to learn the techniques if you haven’t taken the class.  $24.95

SIMPLE SOLDERED JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES,   a crafters guide to fashioning necklaces, earrings, bracelets & more by Lisa Bluhm
green line
MAKING METAL BEADS, Techniques, projects, Inspiration
By Pauline Wang

Create 40 beautiful, one-of-a-kind beads in silver, copper, gold and other metals!   Whether you are embellishing store bought beads or making your own metal beads this book illustrates many techniques you will want to explore!  $24.95

MAKING METAL BEADS, Techniques, projects, Inspiration
greeen line
SILVER THREADS,   Making Wire Filigree Jewelry
By Jeanne Rhodes-Moer

Making filigree requires soldering.  Many of our customers are now venturing into more involved metalsmithing so we thought you might be interested in this book!  $22.95

SILVER THREADS,   Making Wire Filigree Jewelry by Jeanne Rhodes-Moer
green line
Simple Techniques for Beautiful Jewelry

By Jamie Cloud Eakin

For all of the seedbeaders out there who have asked about beading around cabochons, beads and found objects – this book gives you the basics and some projects to try!  $24.95

BEADING WITH CABOCHONS,  Simple Techniques for Beautiful Jewelry by Jamie Cloud Eakin
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